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Dietary Intervention

The cornerstone of our Autism program is a nutritional program with an emphasis on natural foods, which runs concurrently with an appropriate and highly structured educational program. Dietary intervention is one of the therapies introduced by the Autism Society which has shown consistent positive results in the management of a child with Autism. Good nutrition is an essential element in increasing the ability to concentrate and learn.

Integration Therapy

Along with the correct diet, Autism is also managed through Sensory Integration which is carried out by Occupational Therapists. Autism Society of Kenya oversees a highly-structured educational program that incorporates intensive Integration Therapy for children with Autism at City Primary School, and intends to do the same in all other programs they initiate.

After a lot of hard work in the pilot program, some children and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder have shown a marked improvement and, as a result, are attending regular learning sessions with other children at City Primary School. This outstanding pilot program, a joint effort of the Autism Society and the Government of Kenya, has been our biggest success story since its inception in 2003, and is the model for all other programs the Society has begun and continues to pursue in Kenya. Some of the Programs and Therapies the Society has established currently include but are not limited to:

Individualized Learning Motor Skill Development Hydrotherapy

Sensory Integration Vestibular Stimulation Spiritual Development


The Autism Society of Kenya holds regular training on Autism and its management for Occupational Therapy students from the Kenyan Medical Institute to enhance capacity and skills for the management of the disorder within the medical profession. These therapists are later hired to work with the children in programs whenever ASK opens new units at the public primary schools.

Autism is not very well understood in Kenya by the medical profession. ASK engages health care workers and medical professionals regarding issues of Autism Spectrum Disorder to enable them to carry out early identification and diagnosis of the disorder so that intervention can begin as soon as possible. Our trainer, with a background in occupational therapy, studied for five years at the Kenyan Medical College, and has a number of years experience working with persons and children within the spectrum both locally and abroad.

Now and again, the Society also organizes training sessions for parents/ guardians /caregivers of children with Autism to create awareness, build their capacity and impact their skills so that they are more prepared and motivated to play a supportive role in claiming the rights of their children. Our Awareness Walks serve as a channel to create community awareness and build the capacity of parents/ guardians/ siblings and caregivers of children with Autism Spectrum disorder in Kenya.
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