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The Autism Society of Kenya initiated the establishment of its first pilot autism unit (the first of its kind) in Kenya at City Primary School, Ngara in September 2003. The unit was started with the main objective of providing a conducive environment for the wellbeing of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder through Dietary Intervention, Sensory Integration, Behavioral Modification and Activities of Daily Living -- including individualized Educational Programs. This is a copy-and-paste program to facilitate establishment of similar units all over Kenya and, since then, other units have been established. With the help of General Motors Corporate, social responsibility, and the Kenyan Government, Kasarani Primary School Autism Unit was set up. Other units are coming up In Nakuru (Barut Primary School), and Mogumoini Primary School in Thika.

There have been a lot of challenges due to lack of a legal framework but, through lobbying the government, Autism Society of Kenya and other disability networks have succeeded in having the the Education Act of 2013 implemented as a law which will facilitate the opening of other Autism units with ease.

Fortunately, the government of Kenya has embraced all that The Autism Society has to offer for children and persons with the Autism Disorder Spectrum. Having no programs in the past, they are ready to work with the organization to make sure that these units continue, once initiated, and are ready to contribute teachers and other resources through the Ministry of Education. A few challenges still remain, but The Autism Society endeavors to see that, eventually, there will be great success in Kenya for all persons living with autism.

In 2005, ASK was funded by The Commonwealth Education Fund to facilitate advocacy and massive awareness programs. In addition, the organization was awarded a trophy for The Most Innovative Education Program in Kenya.

The government of Kenya is signatory to the UN convention of Persons With Disability in the year 2007 and, most recently, to the new Kenyan Constitution of 2010, in which the government of Kenya committed itself to the provision of Economic, Social and Cultural rights to all its citizens. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder are entitled to equal enjoyment of health, education and adequate housing among other ECOSOC rights. Through advocacy and lobbying, ASK monitors and assesses whether the state is complying with its obligation to realize these rights progressively, according to its maximum available resources.
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  • ASK is an NGO seeking to raise awareness about the existence of Autism in Kenya and sensitize the community about issues of Autistic persons.
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  • We provide a variety of services to people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Find out which services could benefit you.
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  • About one in 88 people has been identified with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Find out how you can help ASK fulfill its mission.
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