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Felicity Nyambura NgunguFelicity Nyambura Ngungu, Founder & CEO
The Autism Society of Kenya is a parent-driven initiative founded in the year 2003. Prior to that, knowledge of autism in Kenya was non-existent and, as a result, children affected with the disorder remained at home and young adults were placed in mental institutions. Desperate for answers, Felicity Nyambura Ngungu, grandmother of a young adult named Andrew Safari Ogolla, decided to forge ahead -- despite many challenges -- to remedy the situation. Through her tireless efforts and sheer selfless determination, ASK grew to its full potential, benefitting not only her own grandchild but all other children and adults on the spectrum in Kenya.

The main objective of The Autism Society of Kenya at the time, was to create an awareness of the existence of autism in Kenya and establish its management procedures. These needs still remain to date; but the organization has grown to offer many more services which have proven extremely beneficial to all persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Kenya.

Part of the services that the Society offers currently include but are not limited to:

Creating awareness on the existence of ASD in Kenya, through:

  • Lobbying and advocacy for appropriate policies and legal frame works and their implementation strategies at the County levels.
  • Initiating Autism orientated units in all public schools in Kenya.
  • Assessment of children with the help of medics.
  • Counseling parents, guardians and families.
  • Community outreach programs in several counties.
  • Training and retraining of teachers, occupational therapists and health practitioners.
  • In collaboration with Education Assessment and Resource Centers, placement of the assessed children into appropriate programs where the organization has helped put the structures in place..
  • Organizing capacity building programs and seminars for parents/guardians/siblings and stakeholder.

Our Mission:

  • To realize a barrier free society in all spheres of life for people living with autism Spectrum Disorder so that they attain full quality of life.
  • To enhance the quality of life for children within autism spectrum Disorder in Kenya by creating awareness and lobbying and advocating for the development of multidimensional programs by both the National and County Governments in public schools and other institutions working in collaboration with families/guardians, the disability movement and other stakeholders.

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  • Our vision is to realize a barrier free society in all spheres of life for people living with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
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  • We provide a variety of services to people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Find out which services could benefit you.
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  • About one in 88 people has been identified with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Find out how you can help ASK fulfill its mission.
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